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March 27, 2012


@ Marc,

In a dorm or in my bedroom I could listen to a TV show or music videos with it on the stand. A park table, or showing a home movie at a friends house are other scenarios. Using a headphone jack in that scenario, Mark, is STUPID. There are lots of scenarios where a built-in stand is handy.

The speakers are big enough and on the front and back that will do 10 times better than an iPhone with a dinky speaker.

You sound like an Apple guy. Jealous are you? Too bad.

What is the purpose of obstructing the audio waveforms while gaming which you inevitably do by placing the device in between your thumb and forefinger?

The back stand is a waste, unless one thinks tilting a device and giving one a very small hands free moment on such a small screen is a killer feature. Speakers all around will only serve to disrupt those around you and annoy the hell out of them.

Nothing will ever beat a headphone jack and its allowance of sound submersion.

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