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September 14, 2012


I had Nokia 6600 Fold that had the same tech. When I wanted to shut it up - I just tapped the cover and - silence.

Microsoft ... well now they can make these as they more or less own Nokia.

I had this in my Nokia e66 back in the days. The difference being, it needed two taps. I miss this feature in my latter phones. It's really usefull, and works as snooze in alarms and calendar reminders.

I have an alarm on my android phone that does that..

Did you read the patent? Are you sure there's nothing new? Or are you a robot and say this about all patents? The latter seems to fit your reply.

Okay, let's say I whack it off, then how do I stop whacking it off. I assume there's a refractory period between whacks?

The Microsoft guys have been watching too many infomercials on late night TV. Clap-on, Clap-off!

This is not new. The app Sleep Cycle uses the function for snooze already. So where would they go from there, and it is nothing new.

Humor aside it is a great, suddenly obvious solution for those unexpected phone calls, etc. A excellent comparison is slapping the snooze button on your alarm clock. Humans instinctively slap at things to make them stop (or start).

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