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February 08, 2013


Vita has lousy games and none on the way, but we're getting an upgraded version of the machine. Sony is stupid

Also,on the subject of an upgraded system, why not add in other storage slots such as for standard micro sd cards etc, as the proprietary cards themselves are expensive, why not even include at least a certain amount of storage built-in the system, this would be more attractive to buyers.

Hmmh, well hdmi and ports should of been included in the first batch of vitas. As for what sony should be concentrating on is more decent third-party games.

Knowing full well the sales of the system since launch was much lower than expected, it would make sense to focus on bringing more quality games out first then introduce a new version later, perhaps even after announcing the ps4.

This is what sony always end up doing: making the wrong decisions...

About bloody time!

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